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Daniel Anderson


Daniel is the founder and CEO of 3DQR. He was one of the first AR enthusiasts and has been professionally active in this field for over 10 years: first as a research assistant and team leader AR at the Fraunhofer Institute, then as CTO of the agency Mixed Reality Marketing AG. Based on his experience from all the AR cases he experienced during this time, he decided to found 3DQR GmbH in 2016 in order to fight against weaknesses in the technology and to show companies a solution for the more sustainable use of AR that has been rethought from the ground up.

Maximilian Unbescheidt

VP, Pre-Sales

Maximilian Unbescheidt, a cornerstone of 3DQR's team for several years, holds the key position of Vice President and Head of Pre-Sales. Leveraging his deep understanding of the industry and commitment to innovation, Maximilian has a proven track record of creating compelling, user-focused solutions. His crucial role continues to propel the company forward, ensuring our clients receive uniquely tailored experiences that meet their evolving needs.

Carl Vogler

Head of Marketing, Product Manager

Carl is an experienced educator with a background in media literacy and a passion for combining education with augmented reality (AR). As the Head of Marketing and Product Manager for the Learning Hub at 3DQR, Carl brings expertise in leveraging AR technology to enhance e-learning experiences for teachers and students.

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